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Small Infomations about Logo

-The logos need to have minimum 1000x1000 pixels to can resize without to destroy his quality .
- Whenever you feel satisfied with the logo that you just finished means you beat you and you are on the right track. This needs to take into account, more than other's opinions (GG, beautiful, bet0n) and it should motivate you.
- The logo does not count textures! If someone says "About simple, you could put some fire", that person in turn should follow this tutorial.
- In creating a logo, you will not help resources (other than Photoshop). You can not search on Google's shape, brushes, etc. and then to use them.

Model to post a logo :

[b]Image :[/b]
[b]PSD :[/b]
[b]I agree Terms & Conditions :[/b]

Terms & Conditions

Read THEM !:
Before you post a picture, you have to know that will be accepted after the image, the image will be DropGallery property and will be published as a resource. In this case, you will not be allowed to give to someone else without permission DropGallery image. Of course, this does not mean that creation is not yours, the author will be notified tutorial creation (namely you) and you can do anything with it (to compete, to post anywhere you want), but you will not be allowed to post the downloaded.

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